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Servis have extensive experience in converting data, both text and artwork, from many different software packages, and standardising size and shading. We have been using author’s files for artwork and text since the mid-1980s. We have experience at setting many languages (including Arabic and Hebrew)


Bookmarked Web Ready PDF files can be supplied at no extra cost, if required, on titles that we typeset. For a small charge per page, we can also offer conversion services to the EPUB format (and many other EBOOK formats) from virtually any medium – WORD, PDF, QUARK, INDESIGN, 3B2, RTF, HTML and others.??


Titles are regularly produced from previously published books where data is no longer held on disk. By using Optical Character Recognition software we can save on re-keying costs.


Servis still handle many manuscripts supplied where there is no disk available and the manuscript is heavily edited. This especially applies to multi-author works where it is important to have all the chapters standardised. We frequently set titles requiring in excess of a million keystrokes at very competitive prices and to a high standard of accuracy.


Can be taken from many different programs and amended and/or re-annotated as necessary. Alternatively artwork can be scanned from your original artwork and annotated on screen, or redrawn as necessary. We also scan from greyscale and colour originals.


All jobs are daily backed up to our servers and copies are taken off-site to protect customers work. We have been backing up our jobs regularly from the 1990s, and many of our customers have been pleasantly surprised to find we still hold the files for jobs that are many years old, which can obviously save much time and effort if any updates are ever required.



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